S760 Hi-Vacuum Extraction

The perfect companion for the VentBoss Extractor™ Fume Gun, this powerful, flexible system is the only portable unit of its size rated for high-production welding environments. It can support one or two fume guns, be fitted with a magnetic nozzle for stick welding applications or hooked up to a robotic welding cell for continuous fume extraction and filtration.


Built-In motor, blower, and dashboard controls, Single Stage Regenerative Hi-Vacuum Blower, eDrive VFD, Heavy Duty – All Steel Construction, Disposable dust tube, Exhaust silencer.


S765 Extractor Fume Gun

The VentBoss S765 Extractor™ integrates a high-performance welding gun with a powerful source extraction system, so fumes are captured as soon as they are generated. It features a lightweight, maneuverable handle and a streamlined nozzle designed for maximum visibility and control. When paired with the S760 hi-vac system, the VentBoss S765 Extractor captures 90-95% of weld fumes.

The VentBoss S765 Extractor is intended for use in MIG and GMAW welding processes that employ shielding gases. The gun will in all cases deliver an improved performance in comparison to current guns with source suction.


High-efficiency suction head, Conical suction head/welding tip, Ball-and-joint socket, lightweight, ergonomic handle.