General Ventilation

There are many advantages to utilizing an Ambient Air Filtration, or General Ventilation system

  • It works to clean the entire volume of air in the room or building.
  • It cuts down on maintenance costs like changing out of HVAC filters, heating and cooling coils stay cleaner, electric motors last longer due to operating in a cleaner environment, and more.
  • The Ambient Filtration units can be located ‘out of the way’, for example around the perimeter of the room, or placed in a column line. This is because they do not have to be located directly above the fume source, to be effective.
  • The units can be moved and repositioned very easily to allow for changing floor plan layouts, or varying workflow configurations. This is because they do not have to be connected to fixed duct work.
  • They do not require constant adjustment like a fume arm to be effective.
  • It leaves the space overhead open, for free movement of cranes and materials.
  • Units are essentially set and forget, for remote fume control.
  • The number of units required is dependent on the air volume enclosed inside the room (H x W x D), and by how many pounds of weld wire are consumed (or rate of fume generation from other processes).
  • Caution must be used when using ambient air filtration for Stainless Steel applications, to ensure the Permissible Exposure Levels are met. (see information on Manual Welding)